advantage and disadvantage of slip ring induction motor



Low starting current

rotor winding of slip ring induction motor connected with external high variable resistance with the help of slip ring. so starting current limited in an initial condition and all equipment are saved.  

Smooth Acceleration 

slip ring induction motor rotor current easy to regulate. so the acceleration of the slip ring induction motor is smooth.

High starting Torque 

For the induction, the motor torque is proportional to the rotor resistance. in starting time value of resistance so high by adding the to external resistance.

Speed Control 

slip ring induction motor does not require any speed control circuit because its speed control by the external variable resistance. 


Speed Regulations

By changing the variable resistance speed easy to change but this method does not use at the industrial level because of high power loss.


slip ring induction motor cost higher than squirrel cage induction motor. because of needs slip ring, variable resistance, and time to time maintenance charge.


slip ring induction motor-generator less heat than squirrel cage induction motor.

Large space

slip ring induction motor takes a large place than squirrel cage induction motor.

Applications of slip ring induction motor



lift and pumps.

Printing press.

Ventilator Fans. 

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