What is Contactor?

A contactor is an electronic device that is used for breaking an electrical power circuit.

For example, we most the case contactor used for turning off and on the electrical motor.  

Difference between Contactor and relay 

Do you know why we are use a contactor, you have wanted to know how a relay is different from a contactor.

we can say a relay working principle same as a contactor working principle. but Can’t we use a relay instead of a contactor to turn on the motor here?

The answer to this question is Not! A contactor works the same way as a relay. That means a relay also has a contactor and some coils. When the coil is electrically energized, the contacts will close. This is the same way a contactor works.

here basic difference a relay is normally used for small device low-rated current and low-rated voltage devices. A contactor, however, is used for the biggest device with high rated voltage and high rated current.

So, relays are used to turn on and turn off small devices, and contactors are used for turning on and off bigger devices.   

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