22 October daily current affairs


Q.N(1) Who has been appointed as the new defence secretary of India?

A) Giridhar Armane

B) Sudhansh Pant 

C)Ajay kumar

D)Sanjay kumar

Giridhar Armani

Q.N(2) When is Chandrayaan-3 launched?

A) June 2023

B) July 2023

C) August 2023

D)  April 2023

June 2023

Q.N(3) In which country announced the emergency due to the floods?

A) Sri Lanka

B) chad

C) Myanmar 

D) Indonesia 

chad country

Q.N(4)Where will the Kashi-Tamil sangam be organized?

A) Lucknow

B) Varanasi 

C) Bangalore 

D) Dehradun 


Q.N(5) Prime minister Modi has laid the foundation stone of Deesa air base in which state?

A) Madhya Pradesh 

B) Gujrat

C) Rajasthan 

D) Haryana 

Gujrat state

Q.N(6) Which state has constituted a panel for vulture conservation?

A) Kerala

B) Tamil Nadu 

C) Karnataka 

D) Maharashtra 

Tamil Nadu

Q.N(7) When is police commemoration day celebrated?

A) 21 October

B) 17 October

C) 20 October

D) 16 October

21 October

Q.N(8) Who has become the chairman and MD of the Indian trade promotion organization?

A) Bharti das

B) atanu chakaraborty

C) Ravi kumar das 

D) Pradeep Singh kharola

Pradeep Singh kharola

Q.N(9) Which IIT has won the national intellectual property award for 2021 and 2022?

A) IIT Guwahati 

B) IIT Kanpur

C) IIT Delhi 

D) IIT madrasa 


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