Introduction of brushless dc motor

it is a polyphase synchronous motor, with a permanent magnet rotor. this motor can not operate without its electronic controllers.
it has permanent magnet field poles on the rotor and polyphase armature winding on the stator.

Advantage of BLDC motor

1. brushless dc motor no mechanical commutator and brushes are required so that the bldc motor has a long life.

2.brushless dc motor can run at much higher speeds than a conventional dc motor.

3.Problems relating to radiofrequency and electromagnetic interferences are minimized.

4.brushless dc motor does not have carbon brushes so power loss reduces and also the maintenance cost reduces.

5.brushless dc motor lifespan much more than the conventional brushed dc motor.
6.brushless dc motor speed controlling control by the power electronics equipment Eg. (IGBT, SCR, SENCER, etc)

7. brushless dc motor available in market small size with high torque to weight ratio which makes it suitable for robotic, medicals,  and domestics applications.

8.At the same rating brushless dc motor produces less noise as compared to a conventional dc motor.

9. conventional dc motor commutator made by mechanical commutator while brushless dc motor commutator made by the electronic commutator. 
10.brushless dc motor provides maximum torque continuously while the conventional brushed dc motor provides maximum torque at a specific period.

11. for the requirement of the same torque conventional dc motor takes a high-power magnet while the brushless dc motor at low magnet efficiency gives the same torque.

Disadvantages  of brushless dc motor

1. brushless dc motor cost price higher as compared to conventional brushed dc motor because brushless dc motor required power electronics commutator and position sensor while conventional dc motor required mechanical commutator.

2.when brushless dc motor runs at low speeds motor slightly vibrates
while at high-speed brushless dc motor does not vibrate.  

3.conventional dc motor wiring so easy because the positive terminal is connected to the positive and the negative terminal connected to the negative.while brushless dc motor includes power electronics equipment so that wiring becomes complex.



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