Advantages and disadvantages of stepper motor


 Advantages and disadvantages of stepper motor

Top advantages of stepper motor


because of special constructions of steppers motor provides constant torque so that stepper motor used in a wide range. 

2.Greater Torque 

if servo motor and stepper motor same size then at the lower speed stepper motor torque greater than servo motor torque.

3.Lower cost than servo motor

 for the position control and speed control in the stepper motor no needs any close loop feedback system. so costs are reduced than servo motor.

4.Stepper motor has a long-life

stepper motor maximum moving part frictionless. so used moving component bear long time.

5.stepper motor consider being safer

stepper motor considered to be safer because of any break occurred in machine immediate stepper motor stopped.

6.Best Low-Speed Torque

stepper motor provides the best low-speed torque, which means stepper motor drive many different loads without any additional use of gearing or gearbox mechanisms.


stepper motors are very reliable because the maximum portion frictionless so stepper motors long life.

Top Disadvantage of stepper motor

1.Low Efficiency 

stepper motor efficiency too lower.

2.Relation between torque and speed

in stepper motor torque is inversel proportional to the speed hence slightly changed in torque rapid change in speed. 

3. Stepper Motor Very Noisy 

At moderate speeds to high speed stepper motor create very noises. 

4.Lower Torque to inertia ratio

Stepper motor having lower torque to inertia ratio means stepper motor speed  can not accelerate on loads very rapidly .

5.Low accuracy

when compared stepper motor and servo motor we observe stepper motor accuracy lower than servo motor.

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