advantage and disadvantage of permanent magnet synchronous motor


Now here we can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the permanent magnet synchronous motor


1. Low-cost ripple of PMS motor

Pms motor generates constant torque so low-cost ripple are too low. at low-speed Pms, the motor provides full load torque.

2.High efficiency

Pms motor rotor made by the permanent magnet so energy loss in rotor zero. so efficiency is increased. 

3. High Power Density

Pms motors contain fewer coils in size terms so small .so it makes low noises and high speed. heating problems lesser and cooling so better.

4.Small Size

Pms motors offer so small in size as compared to synchronous motors. so PMS motor is widely used in industrial applications. 

5.Low heat generation

PMS motors contain winding in the stator field and no brushes are used. so it generates low heats.

6.Low maintenance cost

PMS motos rotor made by the permanent magnet and no needs any brushes. so it needs low maintenance as compared to synchronous motors.

7.DC power sources

PMS motos no need a dc power power supply provides to stators winding and rotor already made by permanent magnets.


1.PMS motors need a Drives


Pms motor rotor contains constant magnetic field but self-starting the PMS motor needs variable frequency power supply. so permanent magnet synchronous motors need external drives. 

2.Complex control systems

for the speed control in motor mainly two methods flux change in rotor winding and flux change in the stator winding. but PMS motor rotor consists of fixed flux. so speed change is possible by only stator windings flux change.


permanent magnet synchronous motors initial cost higher than normal induction synchronous motor because for the speed controlling PMS motors need external control system.


PMS motors are widely used in robotics fields, actuators, machine tools. 

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