Top Data Visualization Tools of 2021


it is most necessary to visualize your large amount of data in chart form so that extracts the meaning full information from a large amount of data. here is the list of top data visualization software in 2021.




 4.E charts



Tableau Software is an American interactive data visualization company which are focuses on business need to learn code for the operation of tableau software. in this software, already in-built features are available only by the drag and drop easy to visualize the data.

Foundation year:-  2003

Revenue:- 120 crores USD

Competitors:- Tableau, Microsoft, Qlik, Domo, Google (Looker), Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM, MicroStrategy


Sisense is a business intelligence artificial intelligence-driven software company. headquarters are situated in new york united states of America. Sisence used for visualization for a large amount of data as likes health data set, manufacturing data set, social media data set. 

Foundation year:-  2004 
Revenue:- 10 crores USD
Competitors:- Tableau, Microsoft, Qlik, Domo, Google (Looker), Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM, MicroStrategy


This is even now another interesting data visualization tool that helps you convert data from various data sources to interactive dashboards and reports. Power BI provides real-time updates on the dashboard and also provides a secure and reliable connection to your data sources on the cloud. Business data analytics as well as self-service is something that you get on a single PowerBI, this service available for both mobile and desktop .without a doubt takes benefit. without knowledge of machine learning algorithms, non-programmers perform the machine learning models.

E charts

  E charts are one of the famous fashionable business-level data visualization tools. E charts are well suited with a majority of browsers, run smoothly on various platforms, and are referred to as a pure JavaScript chart No matter what size the device is, charts would be visible. This E chart data visualization tool being absolutely free to use provides a framework for the rapid construction of web-based visualizations and exaggeration of multidimensional data analysis.


Datawrapper is the open-source free version of this tool that has many different features that are definitely worth giving a try.
if any person working on a data wrapper no need for any type of coding skills. from college students to experts can be used as data wrappers for data visualization and easy to share to a different platform. 

DataWrapper is an exciting large data visualization tool for making tables, maps, and creating relevant charts. With the help of data wrappers, data scientists create a different type chart, customizable maps, and also responsive numeric tables.

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