7th october daily current affairs mcq quiz

Q.N(1) Who has received the 2022 Nobel Prize in Literature?

 A.  Annie Ernaux 
B.  Carolyn Bertozzi 
C.  Berry Sharpless 
D. Morton meldell

Annie Ernaux

Q.N(2) Which is the first state in India to launch Gati Shakti Portal?



C. Karnataka 

D. Madhya Pradesh

Gujrat option A correct

Q.N(3) In which state PM Modi inaugurated the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)? 

A. Himachal Pradesh 

 B. Assam 

C. Nagaland 


Himachal Pradesh option A correct

Q.N(4) which place has overtaken the Taj Mahal in terms of foreign tourists? 

A.  Indore 

B. Jaipur 

C. Mamallapuram 

D. Varanasi

Mamallapuram option C correct

Q.N(5) When is World Cerebral Palsy Day observed? 

 A. 3 October 

B. 4 October 

 C.5 October

 D.6 October

6 October option D correct

Q.N(6) Who has been appointed as the presiding officer of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Tribunal?

 A.  Kapil Singh 

B.  Dinesh Kumar Sharma

 C. Dinesh Bhatt 

D. Neelam Sharma

Dinesh Kumar Sharma option C correct

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