top10 google products empowered by artificial intelligence



1. Google search engine

2.Google assistant

3.Google maps

4.Google Translate

5.Google Drive

6.Google ads

7.You Tube

8.Google Photo


10.Google News

Google search engine

artificial intelligence main pilers of systematic executions of Google search engine. artificial intelligence algorithms make a unique google search engine. With the help of a deep learning algorithm, the google search engine provides better results for the users. without artificial intelligence, a google search can not filter which information useful or which information spam.

Google assistant 

Google Assistant is a voice recognition assistant which is integrated with every smart mobile phone and tablet. this voice assignment used for likes as searching purposes, music player, restaurant 🍴, best beaches, hotels, even call them in the freehand mode. with the help of google assistant also find the location using google maps.

Google maps

Google Maps is a web mapping platform and free to any consumer used. Google maps provide satellite images, areal photography, street maps, 360-degree interactive panoramic views of streets, real-time traffic conditions, and clear views of route planning for traveling by car, foot, air, and public transportation. Google maps were launched by google on 8 February 2005. which are written in C++, javascript, XML, Ajax. Google maps created by Jens eilstrup Rasmussen.

Google Translate

Google Translate was launched by Google on 28 April 2006. Google translate is available in 109 different languages. daily user of google translater is 500 million. Google Translate is a multi-language neural machine translater service developed by Google, to translate text, documents, and websites from one language to another language

Google Drive

Google drive introduce by google on 24 April 2012. Google drive available for every platform likes Andriod, macOS, Windows, as well as the web interface. on google drive, the user stores your file, photo, videos, in a cloud form. after storing the files users access every system at any time with the help of the internet. google drive written in python and Objective-C languages. at this time 1 billion active users across the world

Google ads

Google ads are an advertising tool for google products. every businessman advertises your product online with a huge google network. google ads use the machine learning algorithm to analyze the right individual. google ads introduce by google in 2000.


youtube is one of the most famous google products twentieth century. here normal people create your videos and show your talent to large audiences.YouTube work with both artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm. The youtube algorithm automatically removes racism content, copyright, terrorism, from your platform. youtube introduce by Javed Karim on 14 February 2005.

Google Photo

Google photo is a photo sharing and storage service which used an artificial intelligence algorithm for searching the data. Google photo introduces by google on 28 May 2015. It operates on Android and ios and the web.


in the beginning ara, Gmail is known as email this service provided by google as a free service. Gmail active user is 1.9 billion in was created by Paul Buchheit on 1 April is available in 105 many different languages. written in java,javascript,c++ language.At present time Gmail used artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm.

Google News

google news used a machine-learning algorithm to peak relevant headline news. google news introduces by google in September 2000. and available in different languages. interesting fact no needs to registrations require. 





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